Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Poem: When Will I Be Home? by Li Shang Yin

When Will I Be Home?

When will I be home? I don't know.
In the mountains, in the rainy night,
The autumn lake is flooded.
Someday we will be back together again.
We will sit in the candlelight by the west window,
And I will tell you how I remembered you
Tonight on the stormy mountain.

translated from the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth and published in Sacramental Acts, edited by Sam Hamill & Elaine Laura Kleiner, Copper Canyon Press


Bureau of Public Secrets said...

Many other Rexroth poems and translations are online at


Denise Calvetti Michaels said...

Thank you for your website. I love reading Rexroth.

GanTsan said...

I just finished 'The Dog Stars' on Audio, which ends with this Yin Poem.

It really stuck with me. I wanted to look it up. Landed here.

GanTsan said...


GanTsan said...