Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be Kind When I Can't Find the Words

Change, and how we cope with change; it's ever present.
Today, on the walk in the rain, Kirk describes having to let go of things that come to mind and irritate--like the people who use umbrellas, something he would never do because he enjoys the rain and how wonderful it feels to pull on dry clothes and warm up again;
or the power-walkers who seem to taunt as they walk up from behind--move aside, on your left.
Yes, all this must be let go of in order to stay centered, enjoy one's moment, not let it be stolen away, become fraught with worry, the litany of what-if's we rattle off as the world does change before our eyes.

Late tonight my daughter calls about Michael's phone call from Fort Benning, Georgia, for he's not in Iraq, yet, but leaves tomorrow for Kuwait, and the week-long debrief before helicoptering to the Green Zone.
Michael tells her she'll need to bring papers to Fort Lewis to get the mortgage rate lowered while he's away, a benefit to those in active duty through the Sailor's Act. She's apprehensive....and so am I, about the drive, going to the base, but I don't say, and how will we do this? Nothing can be done over the phone, requires face to face at the base. If I go, I'll need a pass, ID. Already, I'm anxious. If I go, I'll prepare myself, stay calm, be supportive, normalize what is out of my hands, be kind when I can't find the words.

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