Thursday, June 5, 2008

American Sentences: June 5, 08

Does anyone read this blog that began when Michael left for the Army in Iraq this past February?
Back then, three months ago, I needed the immediacy of cyberspace to publish my thoughts as they arose, disconnected, troubled and fragmented.

At first I wrote daily but when I lost internet connection at home, I severed the rhythm . It's okay--it helped me to begin again.

I'd been lost in the downward spiral of sending a family member off to war. There are no words at the time--just the tick of the clock, the calendar pages leafing by and the drone of the car's engine when he leaves for the airport in the rain with four-year old Maizie, sleepy in the back seat, who accompanies her father to say good bye.

At school there've been the students with their varying degrees of awareness and understanding related to community engagement. This sustains me--the work to support students in their fledgling steps to set foot in a community center, homeless shelter, food bank, third grade classroom, a literacy development project for English Language Learners. This is the work that for me, means students have leadership opportunities to explore and deepen their awareness of what it can mean to commit to community, build community, and work to find themselves within its larger context.

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